Emotions, a Spiritual GPS

“Everything changes once we identify with being the witness to the story, instead of the actor in it.” Ram Dass

What benefits could there possibly be to taking a step back and being witness to whatever’s unfolding in our lives right now? As actors in our stories, we tend to be attached to specific outcomes. By being witnesses to our stories, we are able to allow various outcomes to play out and still be okay with whatever happens. Usually as actors, we allow ourselves to get caught up by emotions and ruled by them. This is one of the key points about emotions. We need to learn to use them as a spiritual global positioning system (GPS). Emotions are for guiding us. If something feels right, it probably is and if something feels wrong, it probably is. Emotions are unique, however. Just because something feels right to me doesn’t mean it does to you and vice-versa.

Many of us grew up in an environment where we repressed our emotions, especially the negative ones. Several years ago I realized it was okay to feel sad, angry, disappointed, and other negative emotions. I finally let myself cry and feel okay about it instead of judging it as weak. Allowing ourselves to feel what we feel is part of being and expressing our true selves.

If we can tune ourselves into our emotions more acutely, we can start to see the real value of them as tools in our lives. Emotions warn us of danger, and signal us about joy in our lives. They may start off slow and infrequent, but if we don’t listen to them, they will become more intense and frequent until we finally listen and respond.

By not doing something until we get to this point, we are more likely to be actors in our stories rather than witnesses. If we listen and respond along the way, our emotions can help us stay on the right path and gently guide us back if we start to stray. This is the ideal way to use our spiritual GPS because at this time we are not involved in the drama and highly charged emotions. We can still be witnesses to the story and do a course correction before drama takes over.

Our emotions are actually a gift from the universe and when we have enough practice tuning into them, we can really start using them to our advantage and changing our lives in positive ways by being proactive and getting out in front of the drama. By setting an intention or a goal, we are actually entering the coordinates into our spiritual GPS because we feel a certain way about everything we say and do. So, start to pay close attention to when something feels right or wrong so you can act accordingly as your spiritual GPS pings you. At this point you will move from the subjective actor to the objective witness and reap the benefits. It doesn’t mean everything will be easy, but at least guidance will be clearer in an earlier, less highly charged state.

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