Intentions as an Anchor

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” Mahatma Gandhi

Many times we get caught up in our daily lives and never stop to think what our lives say about us. We are busy reacting to whatever kind of drama comes our way. This can lead to feelings of losing ourselves. Maybe, in general, I’m happy and easy to be around, but then trouble hits and I forget who I am temporarily. This is why it’s important to align our thoughts, feelings, words, and actions with our intentions in life whether that is to be happy, kind, loving, or something else. These intentions can serve as an anchor in difficult times. Although we may still get off center sometimes, having clear intentions can help us return to a balanced state quicker and more easily. When things are tough, we can ask ourselves often and repeatedly if what we’re doing aligns with our intentions. For instance, if I have an intention to be a kind person, then why did I just cut someone off in my car? Why did I let go of my intent to be kind in that moment? When we stray from our intentions and message in life, it’s usually an indicator of something needing to be healed within us. Put another way, it can be a growth opportunity or an opportunity to take back your power instead of relinquishing it to a past experience. The more we address those pieces that feel broken, whether that be by changing our thoughts and actions, forgiving others and ourselves, or something else, the easier time we’ll have allowing our true intentions in life to unfold.

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