Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1.  What is Kabbalah?

A1.  Kabbalah is an ancient form of energy work from the Jewish and Hermetic traditions, known as the Divine language of creation. It has been practiced for about 2000 years. Kabbalah letters are combined and arranged in different ways to support different intentions (e.g. wellbeing, abundance, confidence, clarity etc.) manifesting in your life. Kabbalah letters are not used for communication like other letters. Instead they are used to transmit intention into manifestation, which is different than other forms of energy work. Kabbalah works on the physical, mental / emotional, and astral / soul levels. 

Q2: What is a Kabbalah Infusion?

A2: Bottled Kabbalah Infusions are made with a base of distilled water in a 2 ounce bottle, the water is infused with Kabbalah energy for the desired intention (e.g. abundance, confidence, wellbeing, etc.). Then, you put the drops in your mouth according to the directions on the back of the bottle to support your intention.

A Personal Kabbalah Infusion is anything you choose to have Kabbalah infused to support your intention (e.g. jewelry, art, clothes, journal, etc.). Kabbalah Home Infusions and Kabbalah Room Infusions have the power and energy of Kabbalah in them. Lastly, a Kabbalah Energy Session involves sending the energy directly to a person or pet.

Q3:  Are there any religious or ethnic limitations in using Kabbalah Infusions?

A3:  No, anyone can receive benefits from using a Kabbalah Infusion. Using one does not require that you are Jewish or religious.  

Q4.  Does Kabbalah really work?  

A4:  Yes, definitely. Kabbalah works on the physical, mental / emotional, and astral / soul levels. While Kabbalah works in big ways, it also works in smaller, ongoing ways, or in both big and small ways. In the beginning, it can be a good thing to journal what’s different so you can observe this on a daily basis, especially since some of us have a tendency to focus on what we do NOT want instead of on what we do want.  

Another thing you can do is use a scale of 1 to 10 (1 = unhappy to 10 = perfect happiness) to see how you are feeling as a baseline prior to starting the Kabbalah Infusion: Mental / Emotional Wellbeing Support as example of something that can be done to measure the effects while taking a Kabbalah Infusion. Then, after a week or a month or on whatever basis you want to measure, you can see if in general you are feeling better than your baseline when you started. A similar scale can be used for most of the other Kabbalah Infusions with the scale changing to reflect each infusion’s purpose. Just like other forms of energy, Kabbalah works differently for each person. In some cases, you may feel less negative than you did prior to starting the Kabbalah Infusion, and this is also considered a benefit.

If you have been working with energy for a while, then you know that aligning your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions is key to manifesting what you want in this physical world. If not, then be prepared for Kabbalah to help you align these energies to support your intention (e.g. abundance, wellbeing, etc.) so that it manifests in your life.  

Q5:  Do I take the whole bottle?

A5:  No, each Kabbalah Infusion has its own instructions for taking it on the back of the bottle. Most are similar to this “Directions: Take 4 drops 2 to 3 times per day.”

Q6:  What are some of the benefits of Kabbalah?

A6:  Some of the benefits reported to me by people taking the infusions I have created include: less pain and inflammation, feeling more positive, less anxiety and depression, improved memory, improved wellbeing, and greater clarity among others. Kabbalah provides benefits to everyone who takes the infusion. It provides benefits in both expected and unexpected ways. Always remember to consult a medical professional if you are experiencing any mental / emotional or physical challenges. 

Q7:  Does taking a Kabbalah Infusion have any negative side effects?

A7:  Kabbalah Infusions are made with positivity and to support positive intentions. The main purpose of Kabbalah Infusions is to help improve your energies related to a specific purpose (e.g. abundance, health, etc.) as well as related circumstances and conditions so that what you want manifests.   

Q8:  Can I share the Kabbalah Infusion with others?

A8:  Yes, you can share it with others, but it is strongly recommended to get their permission first. Each person needs the opportunity to agree to taking a Kabbalah Infusion.