Bottled Custom Kabbalah Infusion (Pickup Only)

Custom Kabbalah Infusion (Pickup Only)

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***Select this option if you live in Salem, Oregon or can pickup the infusion in Salem (shipping, handling, and packaging fees excluded).***

  • Do you have a specific purpose in mind? If so, choose the custom infusion.
  • Based on your request, we will create an infusion to support it.
  • Maybe you want help with public speaking or want to increase your muscle strength or something else.
  • With over 600,000 Kabbalah combinations, we can create what you want.
  • After placing your order, email us the kind of custom infusion you want at
  • Each infusion comes in a 2 oz. bottle with a base of distilled water in which the Kabbalah is infused.
***This infusion takes longer to create due to the fact it is made from scratch in terms of combining the right Kabbalah letters to support your intentions. It may take several days from the time it's ordered to have it ready.***