Elements Energy Session - 30 minutes

Elements Energy Session - 30 minutes

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***See below for details on distance energy sessions. In-person energy sessions are only offered in Salem, Oregon.***
  • Part of Hermetic philosophy, Akasha and the 4 elements are the energies that make up the entire universe and everything in it.  
  • When one element is out of balance for a particular individual, then elements energy may be needed to re-balance energies and support healing in the mind, body, and spirit.  
  • Each element corresponds to different parts of the body and has different attributes. Below is a high level summary of some of each element's characteristics.
    • Akasha (Spirit consciousness): The creative power of the universe that gives power to all the other elements. 

    • Fire (Head region): Produces heat, light, and expansion and corresponds to energy, might, and passion.

    • Air (Chest region): Neutralizes and balances, and corresponds to memory, intellect, and the power to judge and differentiate. 

    • Water (Stomach region): Produces constriction, coldness, and darkness, and corresponds to feelings, life, and love. 

    • Earth (Bones, skin, muscles region): Supports consolidation of other element energies, and corresponds to consciousness, self-preservation, and propagation. 

  • If you choose the in-person energy session option, please email us possible dates and times so we can arrange an in-person session.
  • For distance energy sessions, email a picture to KabbalahInfusions@gmail.com with the intention you have so that we can send the energy to you via the picture.
    • Since the universal energy of the elements works outside of time and space, an in-person energy session is just as effective as a distance energy session.