Kabbalah Infusion Energy Session with Orb

Kabbalah Energy Session (In-person or Distance)

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***See below for details on distance energy sessions. In-person energy sessions are only offered in Salem, Oregon.***

  • Kabbalah energy sessions involve sending one or more sets of Kabbalah letter combinations to support the intention you request.
  • Choose from any of these intentions:
    • Abundance
    • Connection
    • Creativity, Focus, and Motivation
    • Energy Boost
    • Manifesting
    • Mental / Emotional Wellbeing
    • Pet Wellbeing
    • Sacred Space of the Heart
    • Spiritual Enlightenment
    • Total Wellbeing
    • Trauma Transformation
  • If you choose the in-person energy session option, please email us possible dates and times so we can arrange an in-person session.
  • For distance energy sessions, email a picture to KabbalahInfusions@gmail.com with the intention you have so that we can send the energy to you via the picture.
    • Since Kabbalah works outside of time and space, an in-person energy session is just as effective as a distance energy session.