Kabbalah Room Infusion in Bedroom

Kabbalah Room Infusion

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  • Do you want the power of Kabbalah infused into a room in your home so the energy radiates throughout the room at all times? If so, this is the right infusion for you.
  • Whether you have just moved into a new home or want to change the energy of where you're already living, infusing Kabbalah can help.
  • Choose from any of these intentions:
    • Abundance
    • Connection
    • Creativity, Focus, and Motivation
    • Energy Boost
    • Manifesting
    • Mental / Emotional Wellbeing
    • Pet Wellbeing
    • Sacred Space of the Heart
    • Spiritual Enlightenment
    • Total Wellbeing
    • Trauma Transformation
  • If you have a different intention in mind, choose the Custom Kabbalah Room Infusion option instead.
  • After selecting an infusion at checkout, email us a picture of the room with your intention to KabbalahInfusions@gmail.com.
  • If you want more than one room infused with Kabbalah, select the number of rooms you want infused at checkout (each room can have a different intention infused with Kabbalah).
    • For instance, if you want health infused into the bedroom, manifesting infused into the office, spiritual enlightenment infused into your meditation room, then choose a quantity of 3 at checkout.
***We do not come to your home to infuse it with Kabbalah. We infuse your home with Kabbalah via a picture with the same results.***