Personal Kabbalah Infusion with zen rocks

Personal Kabbalah Infusion

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  • Get an item of your choice infused with the power of Kabbalah.
  • Maybe you have a special ring, bracelet, necklace, running shoes, or piece of artwork that you want infused with Kabbalah.
  • We will infuse your personal item with Kabbalah to support your intention.
  • Choose from any of these intentions or create your own:
    • Abundance
    • Connection
    • Creativity, Focus, and Motivation
    • Energy Boost
    • Manifesting
    • Mental / Emotional Wellbeing
    • Pet Wellbeing
    • Sacred Space of the Heart
    • Spiritual Enlightenment
    • Total Wellbeing
    • Trauma Transformation
  • Please send an email to with a picture of the item you want infused with Kabbalah and the intention you have.
  • Once we receive your request, we will let you know an estimate for completing the infusion of your personal item. 

***We do not need your personal item to be able to infuse it with Kabbalah. We infuse personal items via a picture with the same results.***